Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Thoughts Too Much

Thoughts Too Much

Thoughts, thoughts all the time, inescapable...
Locked inside, but so loud.
Thinking not sleeping, sleeping while walking,
So loud.
People don’t see, don’t know, don’t ask.
Externally calm and poised.
The chic woman on the tube with the slightly red hands.
The house on the hill, the door never opened.
Boxes and boxes of stuff, endless phone calls.
Rituals that become your life,
So, so loud.
Nonsensical, but it doesn’t stop you, does it.
Disney films and sleeping pills and late night conversations,
Might placate them for a while.
Self-medicating stills them for a while, but is inadvisable,
They return louder and more detailed than before.
Fighting them every way they come, vehemently fighting them.
But this doesn’t help in the end.
In the end, you just have to let them go...
Don’t fight anymore and the volume turns down.
Until you learn to mute them.

#The100DayProject, #100DaysofWriting, Day 16

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