Friday, 22 November 2013

WhatsApp of the Week: 1 - On Women, Men and Sex in Your Twenties

So I have realised for a wannabe-wit, my blog has not been that funny. Mostly serious I think I'm well cultured kind of posts with snippets of philosophical musings and my own brand of wordiness. So I am introducing a regular feature called... WhatsApp of the Week to cheer things up a bit.

It will be interesting/funny/weird conversations I have had with my friends over the previous week. Some times with background, sometimes not. 

Please take it as lightly as it is meant. I like to consider myself slightly above average intelligence and a very open, non-judgemental, in fact quite liberal in most ways type of person. However, the banter you have with your friends on instant messenger is not always thought completely through and I am usually looking for a quick judgement or a cheap laugh. #sorrynotsorry. See, I used to be a language nazi and now I use hashtags and digital phrasing. Whatever. Also, I will keep all the convo in, except names and similar.

This first one is between myself and my theatre-date friend. It all started with an email.

This is a snippet of said article in the Telegraph:

And blah blah on it should know that we are 27- so a little older than this..

Here is the conversation we managed to have over this. I think we made a complicated issue quite light work ;)...

Until next time...

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