Friday, 26 June 2015

At Glasto with My Mother and I Have Green Hair...

I am at Glastonbury for the first time ever and my hair is GREEN at the ends. It was mean to be blue but obvs the dye did not react well with my dirty blonde ombrĂ©. Oh well, it will wash out, in the meantime I will be covering it with as much pink hairspray as I can deal with. 

I have been here for around fourteen hours so far and at the moment we have just been chilling on our campsite, enjoying several glasses of wine last night. We are on the Winding Lake campsite in a caravan because my love of hygiene is probably why I have never been to Glastonbury before. Glamping you see. 

Oh and I'm with my Mum and my sister which is pretty cool. I mean it is pretty cool that I have the kind of mother who I can do things like this with. In fact she is so much cooler than me as she has been coming for about ten years. 

Anyway must go, caravan shower calls and finally hitting site today which I am a little nervous about, but EXCITED! Line up today includes Catfish and the Bottlemen, Mark Ronson and Florence....

See you tomorrow- hopefully with more pics of weirdos and wonderful things from my Day 1.

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