Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wannabe in Your Frow...

In case you hadn't noticed, it's London Fashion Week and the power of the Frow (def: fashion spk: front row of a fashion show, reserved for only the crème de la crème) has us all gripped. Or at least those who have any interest in fashion..
As a former Condé Nast fashion intern (for Vogue India) and a sporadic fashion blogger who actually got to attend the shows.. (I was unemployed at the time and my attendance was as one of those scrappy girls in the back furiously scribbling, snapping and craning my neck to see anything.. ) I have a more than a keen interest in Fashion Week. I love seeing the collections, the looks, the models and of course who is given the ultimate honour of sitting in the frow for each designer. 

In honour of such, I thought I would put together my ultimate frow. If I ever got to sit in one, I'd like to be joined by these lovely people...

1. Grace Codrington

If you are not into fashion and you haven't seen The September Issue, chances are you have no idea who I'm talking about.. The eccentric, creative genius to Anna Wintour's sleek,  superwoman, Creative Director Grace is the heart of American Vogue. Also British. Yey us. I love her style and her perspective.

2. Kate Moss

No frow is really A-List without La Moss, the epitome of British fashion. An icon.

3. The Beckhams

All of them please, purely for aesthetic reasons and total cuteness.

4. Madonna

Why wouldn't you... 

5. Harry Styles 

Pretty, curly thing. 

6. Nick Grimshaw

He's hilare... Would keep you amused to sit with him. Fashion can be taken tooooo seriously by some fashion types. None of that.

7. Sienna Miller

I grew up in the era of Sienna. In the early noughties she was Queen of out world and we wore whatever she did. So she needs to be in my Frow.

8. Lily Allen

Bad-ass bitch with real opinions. Would tell it straight I reckon. Also pally with Lagerfield which is an incentive in itself.

9. Patsy 

Because how funny and would probably have a drinks and fag on, which would amuse me.

10. The Queen.

Never seen her in a frow yet... but ahh how amaze...

Images not my (c). Please ask for attribution.

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