Saturday, 22 February 2014

An Ode to Plaits

I totally blame Cara for my re-obsession with plaits. Since the Met ball over the summer where she and Sienna were both in studded Burberry and side plaits - I just wanted to try them again. Bearing in mind, I was a plait junkie age 19-22, literally any time, night or day, I would be sporting one. In the last few years I've tried to "grow up" and just rock the straight, blow-dried professional sort of look, but I'm bored... At the Elle Style Awards again, Cara had styled her favourite faux-undercut plait, with a vintage black kimono dress and her new "Cara" bag for Mulberry and looked fierce and  I now vow to bring them back...

The urge to plait reminded me of a few other classics... Sienna's milkmaid look..

I've got all sorts of ideas, as I've been neglecting them...

Up and across

Up with a Scarlet twist 

Up the backside

A little LC

Tie up with lots of bows for an up do...

Fishtail and Art Deco like Blake; beautiful.

Fishtail Cowgirllllllll


(c) not mine

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