Thursday, 13 February 2014

Channelling Americana at Earlham Street Clubhouse

I spent most of the early noughties wishing I went to an America High School. I wanted the geeks and jocks and cheerleaders, I wanted the peppiness, bitchiness and drama and football games in international sized stadiums. I wanted to vote for Prom Queen. I wanted to hang out in dive bars with jukeboxes, eating pizza and discussing crushes and life with flamboyant syntax and wordiness. I wanted all the boys I knew to look at least 25 with abs-ful bodies and apparent sexual charm and confidence or be nice guys with abstract, intellectual interests. Why did no one I know have keg parties?

Pacey: "Ever stop to think about how much hormonally charged energy you put into the quick quips and biting banter? Your life would be considerably more productive if you took some, what's that word again, oh that's it -- action." - Dawson's Creek

Alas, I was neither American nor in a faux TV show/film reality. Yet I yearned for a taste of this American dream that was so different to the boarding school, books and inexperienced fumblings that was the reality of my early-mid teens. Drinking Bacardi Breezers on a bench whilst my friend snogged a Goth from the local boys boarding school just didn't seem like livin' the teenage dream to me.

The Entrance

So, when I heard about Earlham Street Clubhouse opening in Covent Garden back in November, I knew I had to go immediately, if only to indulge my teenage self. So I trekked my fave drinking pal there on the first Thursday we both had free.. Promising a 90s Beverley Hills teen crossed with East Coast clubhouse(!) vibe and a cocktail menu with such delightful names as Stifler's Mom and Sweet Valley High, I knew it would not disappoint. 

Ceiling Menu

It did not. The cocktails are delicious, (I tried three different ones and they were all good) the barmen are hot and chatty, you can buy pizza by the slice (!) and the retractable menus pull down from the ceiling; practical and kitsch.

(c) ESC

Obviously. there's a jukebox WHICH you can change with your phone after downloading an app - it's usually playing American rock of all eras.. AND if you're lucky enough to get a table (we weren't), on some of them you can flirt with likely gals and guys on other tables with the lickle burger phones (I didn't actually see any of these). LOL. Seriously go there now... Here's a few more crap photos soz...

The d├ęcor is uber trends and it's underground.

Serious cocktails....

V & I

Obviously after all those yummy cocktails, we ended up drunk and dancing in Soho... Here's the swilled #selfie...

By the way you can book; we thought you couldn't hence no table, but apparently you definitely can. 

Earlham Street Clubhouse
35 Earlham Street
Covent Garden
020 7240 5142

Here are the menus: (I had Rollin' With the Homies & Beauty School Droppout - both delish if you're a wine/champagne fan. Unfortunately we didn't try the pizza - but all I spoke to said it was gooood)


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