Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Last Hurrah - Glastonbury Sunday

Apologies for the delay in this post. The thing is we left Our campsite at 5am on Monday morning after three and a half hours sleep and then I felt like I had jet lag all day Monday and Tuesday not much better. 

The final day was magical really. We started off with a subtle set from Hozier, his voice is OMFG. 

After that we spotted Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof backstage smoking and a little while later, Caroline Flack who is beautiful and Polly Pocket sized. I almost bumped in to her when I came out of the loos she's is so small. Sorry I didn't take any photos but I was too busy trying to look unbothered behind my raybans. And yes for whoever is asking (my mates), Alexa was v v skinny and doll beautiful.

We then had burgers and wine for lunch at the Hive Street Cafe where we sat down at an actual table for the first time all weekend - FYI the food stalls are better.

After this we went to watch Twin Atlantic, a Scottish rock band I've been following for a while. Their lead singer - who is called Sam Mctrusty by the way, I know it sounds made up like a cartoon dog or similar - anyway he is beautiful and had some of the best audience engagement I saw all festival. 

Following this we finally headed up to the Healing Fields and stone circle where we made wishes and listened to come guitar strumming at A Small World, watching the hippies and feeling slightly false and hipster. But my god it's peaceful up there...

Following this we headed to the Acoustic Tent to watch Jack Savoretti's haunting, gruff tones. The tent was barely half full -Alt-J were on on the Pyramid - but that man has the voice and songs to go with his face. A real weird transatlantic speaking voice though, considering he is British-Italian. Yeah these are the kind of things I think about...

Finally it was off to The Who who defied my expectations which were high anyway. Daltreys voice is as strong as ever and I forgot how great their back catalogue is..

And that concluded my Glastonbury, we left after this because of the early start. And I was sad to go. I had a better time than I could have ever expected. It has a beautiful energy this festival and it is a feast to the eyes. There's is something for everyone to see and it is impossible to see it all in one weekend. I shall be going back... Peace out xxx

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