Monday, 27 July 2015

Gone West... Life is Peaceful Here

I'm currently in Cornwall. On my own. I'm still working for clients. And I'm trying to write. Trying really hard. The beauty of being freelance is that I can work from anywhere really, as long as there is a good WiFi connection and power. I can go anywhere.

So I decided to trundle off to Cornwall because I am lucky enough to be able to stay here free.. And it is beautiful. I am situated in a tiny village called Kingsand which is on the Cornwall / Devon border of the South West Coast path. I can walk for miles and miles with beautiful views over the coast and cliffs. I have already seen at least thirty butterflies since I have been here.

It's kind of my safe place. My place of firsts too, I've been coming here for 22 years. I saw my first brawl outside a pub, I also saw a stripper here when I was about ten; it was someones birthday in a pub and I stood on an outside table to see what was going on. I think I first got really drunk here when I was 15 too.

I've not come here to run away from London, but because I feel like I can hear more here. I'm trying to write this book and I'm so scared that I can't do it. I need to be somewhere I can think deeply and detach myself from the buzz of London egos for a while. I can also soothe my inner child here, because it is her that is full of the fear. I can reassure myself that I can do it and that it is OK to take it step by step and that whatever happens, it is a lesson. Not a failing.

So I am trying to write and work for my clients and not get distracted by reading hours of blogs online (I spend my life on Brainpickings).

I am eating fish and veg and doing yoga in the living room with no mat. I am trying to walk at least an hour and a half a day. I am meditating. I am booze free for a while (again the listening thing). I am debating whether to upload some slam poetry to Youtube... my natural desire to hide from the world is holding me back. Why do I have that? It's so inconvenient..

Anyway, this place is inspiring; nature, history, my history, silence and chatter. Days filled with no routine except that which I make and no need to see anybody else at all in a day if one feels so inclined. I've come here before when I've been running away or sad or voiceless. Now I just feel hopeful and I hope that something creative comes from this and if it doesn't, I hope that I learn a little more... whatever that may be.

Creative wishes to all. Here are some pictures from my walks... Maybe they'll inspire you. 

And if you like them, maybe follow me on Instagram, I'm @TheSelfishYears. 

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