Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Put Out the Light & Buy a Poppy

On Monday night at 10pm, I turned off all my lights and lit candles for an hour. I sat in darkness and watched most of the World War I Centenary remembrance service and this year is certainly an important one.

In our unsettled times as conflict rages around the world, though not in our own backyards', it is important to remember the World Wars. I'm sure that those who relatives are employed in the armed forces feel this even more deeply.

World War I to me means a lost generation of young men that could be our young men, that could be our fathers, brothers, uncles, boyfriends, husbands, friends, all wiped out. Countries across Europe left broken for generations. The unforgiving trenches. The mud, the cold, the blood, the gas. The poetry which expresses this far better than I. Millions and millions of lives lost...

We should always remember them as they are no longer here to remind us.

I've just bought a ceramic poppy from the Tower of London poppies installation, a piece of history and a constant memory. Visit here: and do the same. Proceeds will be shared equally amongst six service charities. 

Remember they are all of our brothers, fathers, husbands...

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