Friday, 27 June 2014

START at Saatchi Gallery

On Wednesday night, I managed to snag some last minute tickets to the opening of START, the inaugural art fair and exhibition held at the Saatchi Gallery from 26 – 29 June 2014. The fair is dedicated to supporting international galleries from the world’s most emerging markets as well as established artistic centres.

It is a fantastic exhibition and rather than spiel all about it, I'm just going to share some of the images I took in the hope it will encourage you to visit. I didn't take down any of the artists names, or the real names of the pieces, I just kind of gave them my own names in this blog post, but you can find all details on the website or actually visit, it's worth it.

Plus the cafe outside the Saatch Gallery is a delightful location for a post art drink once you have taken in the talent.

A bit more about START:

"START was founded by the Global Eye Programme, an initiative that nurtures worldwide artistic talent, in partnership with the Saatchi Gallery. The fair's aim is to provide young galleries and artists with a platform and the support and recognition that they need to develop their careers. START gives exhibitors the opportunity to present their artists to a culturally engaged, international audience at a world-renowned venue. The Saatchi Gallery is celebrated for its unique vision in recognising artistic talent and helping to launch the careers of emerging artists, an ethos central to START. The fair is sponsored by Prudential, which aims to support emerging talent and creativity in Asia."

Some of the concepts highlighted by these artists really are innovative and exciting, so get yourself down there!

Kaleidoscope birds-eye-view of Miami... and that's my little gallery friend EHJ with her rucksack. She may appear in a few corners...

Faceless faces

Artist cartoons

Polish Phoebe Philo...

Riding in the backseat with what you want wherever you want it.

 I saw myself in the wings of a butterfly

Big girl, you are beautiful.

Yes, yes, oh yessssss

You don't affect me anymore.. forgive and forget

Oh Pablo

Just a little lamp

You're a coloured baby

Something profound

Island is land

Hold my hand.. (this was made of vertical slats) amazing...

This was composed from layered wire mesh...

As was this... incredible, layered the mesh in different thickness to create the picture

The side looks like this..

Here's the wired soldier... 


Just a pillar of charcoal letters and the moon..


Consume me...

Dreams and nightmares

3D sticker face..

Can't he..

Pray to John...

These are the colours of my life

Shoes for sale... child owners killed in war..


Kick me with your welllies

Yup she wore a rucksack to the gallery..

This is final image is a START image, not mine, I couldn't get it all in... A take on self esteem.

START is at Saatchi Gallery until 29 June.

Details of all the international galleries involved are on the START website

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