Thursday, 22 May 2014


Today is voting day in some or other elections in the UK... Many people aren't sure what. So far really it's been the Farage show and the twittersphere has hijacked the hashtag #WhyImVotingUKIP, which personally I find hilarious.

I'm currently on my way to vote which is to delay me to an engagement drinks and getting that much needed glass of Thursday wine and is rather irksome. 

In my larger group of friends, I reckon about 15% have actually voted. This winds me up no end. Here are my five reasons why everyone should be voting:

1) People fought hard for it

It wasn't until 1928 in Britain that everyone could vote. Poor, rich, male, female etc etc. people died fighting for the right in this country. That deserves respect.

2) People round the world are still fighting and dying. 

Read Aung San Suu Kyi's books and her life story. She was under house arrest for twenty years in Burma and yet once released, she went straight back to politics.

3) You can't complain if you're not voting. 

Care about where your tax money goes, the rights of x, y and z? The future for your eventual kids? You have to be invested to complain.

4) You don't have to agree with anything and everything

If you don't like anybody, read a little,vote for the one that you may have a few policies you agree with or an independent but for God's sake, vote. Apathy says absolutely nothing.

5) Actions speak louder than words. 

So register NOW and make sure you vote next time.

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