Thursday, 10 April 2014

Blossom Day with LJ... Gambling, Gin and Gordon..

So you know when you have one of those perfect London days... I had it on Saturday... I'm not a fan of those "look at my perfect life" blog posts as a rule, they usually shield a multitude of less than truths, in the manner of an Instagram filter. But this day was just lovely, so I'm posting...

It was a late start and by the time me and LJ left our house it was 3.30. Straight to the bookies for our yearly visit to bet on some horses names we liked for the Grand National.

Then a walk through the blossomy streets of SW London.

Before long we needed a respite and decided to make our way to London House in Battersea Square.. Gordon Ramsay's latest venture...

The little bar attached to the restaurant... no reservation you see... is an easy way to spend a Saturday afternoon... It was the first time we'd been there and to be honest we are a little worried about how many times we are going to return and spend money we don't have.

The lights have me lustful and the art is ethereal..

Coffees in... Great coffee

We eagerly awaited the Grand National result

None of my horses came anywhere AS USUAL

Little L picked the second place horse, Balthazar King and so basically we got stuck in to the G&Ts to "Spend her Winnings"

Very, very good ones too... we might have had a few. However, we were putting the world to rights so it's allowed. And if you're going to drink gin.. you might as well drink nice ones...

Then we got a little peckish.. but I didn't see our budget running to Gordon today.. despite the win and also as nice as the pretty waiters are, we may have needed a reservation... Will be returning with more pennies though for a proper meal and post...

So, we strolled to the other side of Battersea and straight into the doorway of another restaurant that I'd never been to: The Butcher and Grill. An interesting concept of a butcher's, a shop, a cafe in the day and a restaurant and bar at night serving very good steak and red wine...

Our table was by the shelves..

Which excited my new found chefness...

It was reallly veryyyy good.. Great steak, tasty greens and crunchy chips.. Obviously, I had Bearnaise sauce too..

Will definitely be going back there...

After supper we popped for another glass of red to at our local to finish off the night and we were in bed before midnight. Feeling satiated and slightly middle aged.. and what... Sometimes, aged 28, a jagerbomb an hour is not what one needs...

London House
7-9 Battersea Square
Battersea Village
SW11 3RA
T: 020 7592 8545

 The Butcher & Grill
39-41 Parkgate Road
Battersea, London
SW11 4NP
T: 020 7924 3999

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