Thursday, 16 January 2014

Throwback Post 2: Kiss Me Kate... La Moss is 40

Kate Moss, aged 16

There are countless Kate's in the life of the historically, culturally and socially aware Brit. From Hepburn to Henry VIII's god-forsaken wives and the infamous Price. There's loadsa actresses Winslett, Blanchett, Beckinsale, Bosworth and Hudson. Artists and writers, Millet, Nash and Bush and of course our Royal Kate who's garnered the most recent headlines, the Duchess of Cambridge. 

But when you just say Kate. There's only one you ever mean: never complain, never explain, give-a-shit, face of a generation; style queen, hot-shit business woman, hedonist and purveyor of questionable men; it's Miss Moss.

Kate and Johnny

This Kate is 40 today and she's part of a throwback post because she's been around as long as I ever remember being interested in popular culture. I've grown up with her beauty, attitude and ridiculous sense of how to wear stuff. She's trotted through adverts and editorials since 1989, anyone who's anyone really...  Gucci, Burberry, D&GCalvin KleinChanelRimmel, Topshop, Bulgari... Freud's painted her, she's starred in a McCartney's video.

Kate, aged 28 - My age now so seems relevant..

She barely speaks publicly and yet she doesn't need to. Just a glimpse of her strut and that pout in the face of pursed-lipped prudes, cigarette dangling leisurely from her lips and she's adored the world over. Sometimes it's about an attitude, it's about making people - specifically girls and women - believe they can achieve what they want, even if they aren't perfect.

Pure Moss

A lot of the time the media hate her. Especially middle-England and obviously the Mail who seemingly hate all women. Sure Kate's fucked up a few times and made a few questionable choices, but she's never tried to justify herself and who doesn't make mistakes. She's been in the industry for 25 years and has remained a style icon throughout and she practically invented this generation's casual dress-code. As a business woman, she's made great decisions and powerful friends. So what if she still likes a party. 

Kate's more than beauty or style, she's an attitude. I love her. So here's some more pics in celebration. Here's to 40 more, Moss. 

Such a a canvas

16 Again

One of the most beautiful weddings ever...


Starting the hot-pants and wellies trend

That dress, copied by teenage girls the world over and eventually by Kate for Topshop

Kate today, arriving at her 40th (c) Rex Features via

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