Thursday, 9 January 2014

Throwback Post 1: Blue WKD - TB* ASAP

Many a night in the early noughties was spent surgically attached to these things... 99p they were in some places, two or three would get the teenage-girl in question well on her way to inhibition. Medicating by WKD had varying results from the very good: succeeding on "pulling" a spiky-quiffed boy in the middle of Yates's, one hand, crunching his hair, the other still clinging on to the sticky, blue bottle - to the very bad: blue vomit, enough said.

WKD's were around post-crates of Bacardi-breezers; drunk in the park or at house parties aged 14-15; collecting the multicoloured tops for our school diaries. They were pre-Reefs, the "healthy" alcopop - I drunk these at uni when I couldn't afford much more and some bar in Newcastle had them five and five apple sours for a fiver... Ahhh the North.

My friend EHJ - Totally Loving It
My friends and I were extremely over-excited recently, when we found a bar that served WKD's in - of all places - Bognor Regis. And with one tip of the cold blue liquid, a casual clink and a shout of "Strawpedo!"... we regressed ten years.. from the dancing to Breathe by Sean-a-Paul and Blu Cantrell (really?!) and Where is the Love, to seeking out a crunchy quiff amongst the best boys of Bognor...

So like totally TB* yah...

*TB = text back, in-case you weren't familiar, yes in the early-days of the mobile when we didn't really know the etiquette, we used to ask for a text back ON.EVERY.MESSAGE. Absolutely no game, but simpler days as you knew you were pretty much dumped if the message did not say TB at the end.

PS: Before social-media, I think I'd said throwback once in my life.

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