Thursday, 24 September 2015

A Poem for Autumn

A Poem for Autumn 

Always the most magic of seasons is she
That begins to wipe clean the earth again.
With air consciously breathed and falling leaves;
It is not death, merely renewal.
Preparation for a period of want.
A cleansing, a harvest, a bonfire blazing.
As a child I sharpened new pencils inhaling their scent,
As the year begun in September as autumn hit 
And it still buzzes like new for me,
In these orange months.

Summer may have rendered us dozy,
Satiated with leisure and loving;
A lackadaisical life.
But September chills our bones and heats our souls,
And we throw ourselves into it again. 
With purpose.
It's a new term after all and we can begin.
Living with the leaves, grasping for their colour,
Just as we shirked from bright brilliance in summer behind shades.
What do you really want?

We harvest and we store.
We frighten at Halloween, the extreme.
And we burn, burn, burn,
And light up our sky for Guy.
Autumn is a pleasure, a warning, a human quest for...
I like things moving is all.
And we keep ourselves busy.
Enthralled. Till fall has finally fallen,
And we are left to live as ice-cold gluttons for one month, 
Eating and drinking and fucking till new year.
After, we disappear from behind our eyes for a while,
Barren land, bodies stooped, curmudgeonly;
Until spring dances her pretty feet across our path.

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