Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Why I Can't Wait to Be 30

So Lena Dunham is 29 today, which is my age and it made me feel great that she was... and then slightly insecure that she's achieved so much in terms of writing and creating, and I, well, haven't yet...But then I thought about being 29 and what that means, and what it means is that you are 30 next year (Jan for me)... And then I thought about turning 30 and... basically, I'm looking forward to it now.

When I was 25, I had a life-crisis for a week, feeling old and WTF am I doing and thirty is around the corner... and now I've come to terms with it and I am excited to reach the landmark and own it. 

Here's 10 reasons why:

1) People take you more seriously...
I don't think this is just a woman thing... I hope it's not anyway. But when you are in your twenties... a lot of people still look at you and think.. "ahh youth" when you have an opinion or "OK maybe darling" when you make a life decision.

If you went to have an important operation, would you prefer a 28 year-old doctor or a 32 year-old one?

2) I've felt around 30 inside, since I was born.
My mother said I was born 32, that I came out with this wise look in my eyes, forgive a mother;s bias.. it was a compliment. What I remember is my university boyfriend when I asked about the "financial situation" of his best friend at uni who had a gambling issue. "WTF are you talking about..." he said, "Financial situation.". I was confused.  People have always looked at me like I'm a lunatic because I think about things in a way that people a lot older than me would (believe me this is not said in an arrogant way)... I feel at 30, maybe I won't seem like such an old bore anymore.

3) Dating up and down is fine
25 or 35 is OK at 30...
See also, having younger and older friends....

4) I just want to hang out in places where I can have a nice conversation and not SHOUT.
This is an oldie but a goodie. It's true though. WTF the point is in going to see your friends in a bar or club that is so loud that basically you don't hear anything they say all night.

5) Things.... are just not so important
You used to think that things made you feel successful and important. Now you know that actually experiences do... and at 30 it's not too cringe to admit that.

6) I like reading OK... and maybe not just on holiday or the latest "blockbuster".
I mean, I've always liked reading. I read bible sized books at 13 and got teased for it. It's been building up to it for years, but finally at 30, most people embrace the value of books.

7) It's not cool to hate 
Yourself, or people, or things... I feel like being disinterested or dismissive of things is a disease of your twenties.. THANK HELL. I've always loved loving things and experiences and the oncoming milestone of thirty is helping me LOVE myself too. (Yes, I've used that phrase- suck it!!)

8) Decorating and interiors
Do I need to explain this...?

9) Problems are problems
OK, this may seem bitchy of me, but how many times in our twenties are we all ready to deal with a friend's HUMONGOUS  problem before the actual issue is regurgitated to you and you realise it is nothing. As we get older, we realise what is a real issue and worth the attention of that and what is not. I am looking forward to dismissing my minor issues as irrelevant.

10) 29 is just asking for it...
You know what I mean, it is a shifty age is 29, neither here nor there. It's like PMS for 30.

#The100DayProject, Day 7, #100DaysofWriting

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