Friday, 3 October 2014

The 1975 at Alexandra Palace

Fans of the 1975 seem to me to be the hipster versions of fans of One Direction with a larger straight male contingent. It was the men that made me laugh most of all to be honest as ALL of them seemed to have modeled their image on that of the charismatic lead singer's, all undershaves and piercings and black. All of the fans at Wednesday night's gig were at least five years younger than me. Oestrogen and teenage lust was thick in the air.

And what of Matty Healy the pierced, pied piper of these teenage dreams. Well he is a true delight. The 1975 bounced through their 75 minute set with verve and true Northern class.

Though it actually started a bit slow I think and in the first 15 minutes I was worried about the same-sameness of their sound. But ever the entertainer, Mr Healy picked up the crowd from first opening his mouth three songs in, cusses lapped up easily by the adoring audience.

The set was dark and moody and all about the lighting as the band moved through their album. With the new addition of a live sax onstage, the sound was bluesyier and more vintage. Matty keeping up with the rock star image as he glugged from a bottle of wine throughout.

As the reached their crescendo with Chocolate and Sex, I couldn't help but scream with the teenagers and wonder if Matty was the sort who indulged groupies in his dressing room.

As a frontman, he has true charisma and his band will go further and further if he continues to display such raw energy in his live performances. 

Four Stars from me. ****/*

That's just my opinion, check them out yourselves

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