Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Where Do You Go to My Lovely... Vintage Home Shopping

A little pop-up vintage shop called Peekabo - the Vintage Emporium has made its way onto Chiswick High Street, near my work. It sells all the fur and sequins, costume jewellery and expensive dresses made for the very small, very thin people of yesteryear. Items I covet and could never afford. However it also sells the most fabulous home and garden items, which are much more reasonably priced.

Since I have owned a house, I have been a very apt to by art and artifacts and eclectic items for decoration and deliciousness. I have an eye for anything old or attention-seeking and my taste is part French Provence Villa and part exposed brick New York Loft Apartment with a little English Country Garden, oh and a smattering of punk thrown in...

Here are my picks from the pop-up...

This was a vintage letter box, something I've always seen in American films and always wanted and it was red. Of course I couldn't have it in Battersea where EVERYTHING gets pilfered if you leave it for half a second, but for my future country cottage and as an indoor piece of furniture prior to that. I think it was about £125.00, I can't remember as I stupidly forgot to write down any prices.

Rule Britannia (1/2). I love a Union Jack and this is a perfect size for a very empty space in my living room. It could equally be footstool or low table or seat.. Again no prices.. but I think around £100.00.

There were two lots of stone garden lions.. mini ones obviously. The top ones are obviously more detailed and were more expensive at £90.00 a pair but the bottom ones were so cute faced and a snip at £80 a pair. #WANT and might actually buy these.

Just a really beautiful phone (£55). Does absolutely nothing that we expect phones to do these days. Probably wouldn't even work. I just thought, how decadent to actually plug a phone into my land line and answer it wearing a black silk robe and drinking whisky-on-the-rocks whilst playing Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) on a record player..... 

Lots and lots of lovely trunks... Various prices

A scary interlude.... Hope you're not reading this before bedtime :)..... Seriously, I hate antique dolls, they are always terrifying. I think it is because an Indian friend of mine at prep school (often Indian dolls have long nails) told me a horrible ghost story about a doll who scratched her owner to death when she stopped playing with her. Nightmares for weeks...

Rule Britannia (2). The throne I want....

Or this shiny silver stool when I feel like sitting lower.....

Yes, I like Tobacco posters...

The day's soft porn and barely a flash of nipple. Aaah the innocence and some wonderful poetry and subtle innuendo to accompany it....
"I'm angling for a special fish
You may join me if you wish
Don't you think this bait is fine
To hook a sinker for my line"
If you want to visit Antique Emporium and pick up one of these darlings, you can find them here until further notice:
Vintage Store · Antique Store
246 Chiswick High Road, W4 1PD London, United Kingdom
07974 761212

Plus if you are in Chiswick and in the mood for antiques, reclaimed or vintage furniture, you must visit The Old Cinema, another gem.
The Old Cinema -
160 Chiswick High Road
London W4 1PR
020 8995 4166
Open 10am-6pm Monday to Saturday, 12-5pm Sunday

Happy Shopping!

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